Sports Injury

Sports Injury

We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of injuries related to types of sports and all levels of competition. From Pop Warner Football to the NFL, or “weekend warriors” to Olympic Gold medalists, we have cared for all types of athletes. Indeed, it was in treating athletes that Chiropractors got recognized and ‘put on the map”, and Dr. Ouellette is no exception to that having treated members of the Boston Celtics, NE Patriots, Boston & Pawtucket Red Sox, competitive and professional figure skaters, and virtually every other sport with a highlight in his over 30 year career working as an Olympic Team Doctor at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta where he treated Athletes from around the Globe including several Gold medal winners.

With his additional training in rehabilitative care earning a master’s degree in Physical Therapy at B.U., Dr. Ouellette provides special expertise and cutting-edge techniques in clinical evaluation, diagnosis and rehabilitation to get you back on the road. Whether you are an experienced or novice athlete with an acute or chronic injury, our clinic has all the tools to put you on the road to recovery with all the modalities to treat the pain and inflammation initially such as ultrasound, diathermy,electrotherapy, traction, etc. and then the professional guidance in restorative strengthening and stretching protocols. Whether you have overdone the exercise, are suffering as a result of a poor exercise technique or have sustained an injury, our team can help.

We treat:

  • All types of joint injuries; sprains, strains, tendonitis, bursitis, synovitis, etc.
  • Back and neck pain of all types
  • Foot, ankle, and heel pain and can construct corrective orthotics
  • Knee, Hip, elbow, shoulder pain or dysfunction (limited motion, muscle spasm, etc)
  • Running injuries/issues such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, etc.
  • Shoulder injury; pain/inflammation/biomechanical issues, sports related or not
  • Any other sports injury or performance related problem; if it is an issue that Dr. Ouellette can be address, then the treatment will be carefully explained and questions answered; if Dr. Ouellette determines that surgery or another approach would be more appropriate, then that will be explained and the referral made…

In summary, we treat a variety of sports related and musculoskeletal conditions including Sports Injuries, Tendon and muscle sprains and strains, Joint pain and arthritis and will always work in cooperation with your Primary Care Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon, Physical/ Massage Therapist, or whichever provider you elect to work with.  Dr. Ouellette has worked with a number of teams with “on the field/court care”, including a professional basketball team, men’s semi-pro soccer team and football team, and with a number of competitive skaters, so will work not only to treat injuries but also to improve overall health and athletic performance.

Benefits of working with us

  • Fast access to appointments
  • Expertise in musculoskeletal injuries and sports medicine
  • Full array of physical therapy modalities for fast relief and enhanced healing
  • Personalized, tailored program
  • Access to diagnostic imaging
  • Fully qualified and experienced team

All care is individually planned following a personal assessment allowing a tailored program to be designed for you. Call us at (508) 316-4141