Auto & Work Injuries

Car Accident care

 Auto Accidents and Work Related Injuries

If you or someone you know has sustained an injury as a result of an auto accident or an incident at work, do you realize that you are entitled to receive appropriate conservative chiropractic care and physiotherapy that is covered 100%?   That’s right, under existing laws you can get immediate attention and have your problem evaluated and diagnosed, receive whatever x-rays or other diagnostic testing for a complete clinical analysis; then receive gentle pain- relieving chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy modalities such as ultrasound, short-wave diathermy, interferential and other electrotherapy modalities, heat and cold therapy, soft tissue massage and mobilization as well as other soothing therapies; and all for no out of pocket expense.  If you need braces, orthopedic pillows, orthotics for your shoes or anything comparable due to your injury; then these will also be provided without any out of pocket expense.  In other words, all your medical needs will be taken care of including referral to specialists if indicated, and all delivered in a serene clinical setting where you will receive personalized one on one attention and care and where you will have access to your Doctor at all times.

Are you aware that the most common of these injuries, which are injuries to the spine; to the lower back or to the cervical spine (neck) have been the subject of government studies to determine the most effective and most cost effective modes of care and Chiropractic care proved to be superior to bed rest & medication, superior to physical therapy and exercise (even low impact exercise like swimming), to acupuncture, and, of course, to surgery which the Rand Study concluded is needed less than 1% of the time and the risk vs. benefit for surgery needs very careful scrutiny.  Injuries to the neck (i.e. cervical spine), due to the quick reaction “whipping” the neck forward then rebounding backwards [or opposite whipping dependant on mechanism of impact} have had earned the term Whiplash for these injuries. Numerous studies have been published on these neck injuries by Dr. Arthur Croft who has carefully detailed that even those low impact crashes with little damage to the automobile create significant trauma to the soft tissues involved and usually cause some degree of nerve root injury which may lead to permanent injury if proper diagnosis and treatment is left undone as many do not seek treatment in an effort not to affect their insurance company profile, some muttering the dangerous phrase “maybe it will go away”.  It won’t go away without proper attention but the body may adapt unconsciously leading to unstable spinal joints and a whole new set of symptoms in the future.

So, as the studies display, a visit for Chiropractic exam immediately following an accident lets you identify muscle, joint, tendon, spine and nerve damage, sometimes even before symptoms arise. If a diagnosis is established, then the earlier the  treatment begins, the better the prognosis is for full recovery.  If, however, a full recovery is not possible, then maximum improvement is established through both short term and long term goals and plan of treatment ensues with patients’ input and acknowledgement.  At the completion of treatment, a complete Narrative Medical Report is prepared and, if appropriate, a Permanent Impairment Rating is established.

THEREFORE, in summary, it is critical that chiropractic care is sought immediately after an automobile accident to maximize the chances of full recovery and to eliminate the pain naturally as soon as possible.  The goal is return the patient back to pre-injury health, or better, in order to maximize the patient’s opportunity for a full productive lifestyle.

Services provided:

  • Complete Physical Exam including orthopedic, neurological and region specific exam
  • Diagnostic radiographs, CT or MRI scans, EMG or other special studies
  • Gentle effective Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy
  • All types of supportive physiotherapy including ultrasound, diathermy, electrical stimulation of all parameters, intermittent traction, thermal therapy, electric acupuncture point stimulation, hot/cold packs, and soft tissue mobilization
  • Stretching/Strengthening Exercises and Postural Correction Techniques
  • Braces, therapeutic taping, and corrective orthotics
  • Any appropriate Durable Medical Equipment (DME), such as TENS units, provided
  • Immediate Care Available, including nights/weekends, as our goal is to make sure your  Accident Treatment care is pleasant, productive, and free from any concerns or worries. The ideal time to visit our office is immediately following an auto collision or an accident at work.   Often, patients feel no back pain, neck pain or other symptoms for many days or weeks. However, it is my experience after treating these types of injuries for over 30 years that diagnosing the condition early before it causes complications is vitally important.  Waiting several weeks or months could worsen a condition and lead to a longer healing process.

Early care and treatment means full healing and recovery is quickly realized. Chiropractic care and physiotherapy are part of a whole body wellness approach. If you suffer from a car accident injury or were hurt on the job and are in need of a chiropractor to assess and treat your injuries, call us today at (508) 316-4141.